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Real Estate Law

The Unpredictable Real Estate Landscape in Florida

In the everchanging world of the Florida real estate market, where the tides of opportunity and challenge ebb and flow, we stand at the helm of legal expertise. 

As trusted real estate lawyers in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, we are ready to navigate the most difficult legal waters on your behalf.

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The Florida real estate landscape is in constant flux, with shifting market dynamics and evolving legal complexities. Currently, of the 10 most overpriced housing markets in the U.S., five are in Florida alone. In this environment, clients increasingly demand skilled counsel they can trust implicitly for their real estate law needs.

We understand the challenges that come with determining the proper legal course for real estate transactions and litigation. Our seasoned attorneys are here to simplify the daunting tasks and guide you towards success.

A Comprehensive Look at Our Real Estate Law Services

  • contract drafting for real estate law
    The realm of real estate law is broad, with each facet requiring meticulous attention and legal acumen.
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Deed Preparation

Crafting the foundational documents for property transfers.

Contract Preparation

Skillfully constructing contracts that safeguard your interests.

Loan Document Preparation

Streamlining the often complex process of preparing loan documents.

Title Issues

Resolving any title-related concerns to ensure clear ownership.

Foreclosure Litigation

Providing robust legal defense in foreclosure cases.

Real Property Litigation

Aggressively representing clients in property disputes.

Landlord / Tenant Litigation

Resolving conflicts between landlords and tenants.

Johnson V. Davis Claims

Addressing concealed defects in residential properties, protecting buyers’ rights.

Easement Litigation

Resolving disputes related to property access and usage rights.

Construction Defect Litigation

Advocating for clients in construction-related issues.


Navigating the complex process of obtaining permits.

Estate Planning

Assisting clients in strategically planning their real estate assets

Real Estate Contracts

Expertly drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts.

Land Use Planning and Zoning

Guiding clients through land development and zoning matters.

Our affiliation with the renowned title company Emerald Coast Title, Inc. further streamlines the legal aspects of property transactions, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. With us, you can trust that your real estate documents will be meticulously handled to safeguard your interests.


Our Real Estate Specializations

Real estate law is multifaceted, and at Tidwell & Associates, we've honed our expertise across three critical categories:
contract drafting for real estate law

Residential Real Estate

The cornerstone of our practice involves residential real estate, a realm where every transaction holds far-reaching significance. While buying or selling a home is a common association with residential real estate law, our expertise extends far beyond these traditional boundaries.
contract review

Vacant Land

The complexities of vacant land transactions often go underestimated. Whether you're acquiring or disposing of undeveloped property, our attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of such transactions and vow to stick with you until the deal is complete.
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Commercial Real Estate:

Commercial real estate transactions come laden with their unique set of challenges. From leasing agreements to property development, we provide expert counsel to facilitate your commercial real estate objectives.

Beyond Home Purchases: When and Why You Need Residential Real Estate Lawyers

A common misconception is that residential real estate attorneys are only sought out for home purchases or sales. However, our practice at Tidwell & Associates encompasses a much wider spectrum of scenarios. While home transactions undoubtedly form a significant part of our portfolio, we are equipped to assist in various other residential real estate matters.

Our residential real estate lawyers adeptly represent parties involved in transactions and disputes related to residential real estate, including:

    • Homeowner Associations (HOA): Navigating the complexities of HOA regulations.
    • Zoning Issues: Addressing zoning-related matters and variances.
    • Land Use and Environmental Matters: Handling environmental considerations and land use issues.
    • Permits: Assisting with the permitting process.
    • Mortgages: Representing clients in mortgage-related matters, including foreclosures and fraud cases.
    • Transfer of Deeds and Titles: Facilitating the smooth transfer of deeds and titles involving multiple buyers and sellers.
    • Verification and Evaluation of Title: Ensuring the integrity of titles and addressing title concerns.
    • Liens: Resolving disputes and issues related to property liens.
    • Covenants: Addressing covenant-related matters.
    • Florida Purchases from Out-of-State or International Residents: Facilitating transactions when one party resides out of state or abroad.
    • Simple Home Sales and Acquisitions: Streamlining the process of buying or selling homes.


A Trusted Real Estate Partner

At Tidwell & Associates, we bring to the table a wealth of experience working alongside real estate agents, individual buyers and sellers, developers, and builders in the local area. Our skilled attorneys are not just knowledgeable but also deeply committed to guiding you through any real estate matter you encounter.

What Sets Tidwell & Associates Apart?

Local Expertise

We’re from here. We understand here. Our knowledge of Florida's unique real estate dynamics ensures that your transactions proceed seamlessly.

Comprehensive Services

From the initial stages of deed and contract preparation to the resolution of complex property disputes, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet your needs.

Commitment to Success

Our commitment to your success is unwavering. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, regardless of the complexities involved.

Affiliation with Emerald Coast Title, Inc.

Our close association with this respected title company streamlines the legal aspects of property transactions, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Extensive Experience

With a rich history of working with real estate agents, developers, and individuals, our attorneys bring extensive experience to every case.

Beyond Home Purchases

We handle an array of real estate matters, far beyond mere home purchases, and our expertise covers a range of scenarios, safeguarding your interests in many situations.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize our clients' needs and objectives, ensuring that every legal action taken aligns with their best interests.

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Doug has helped me through closing on my first home and purchasing my dental practice. He has always been extremely knowledgeable and has gone above and beyond to answer any questions I had along the way. Working with him has been a positive experience from the start, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of the services he provides.

Ryan O.

Doug and his team at Tidwell & Associates were on top of our probate case from day one. They made us feel as if we were their only client, with wonderful communication throughout the process, quick to make things happen, and educated us on every step of the process, as this was our first time handling a probate case, and we were lost at where to begin. I highly recommend Doug and his team and plan to use them for future business. Thanks, Doug, for prioritizing us and looking out for our best interest. We greatly appreciate all of your help!

Ben and Jessica Stone

I can’t thank Doug Tidwell and his staff enough for the thorough and excellent services he has provided my husband and me. From helping with my probate issues from my father’s passing, even though another local attorney was supposed to have taken care of the matter, to making my husband’s and mine last will and testaments, and helping with real estate contracts and legal advice. There is nothing this office can not do to help you with home and personal estate needs. Thank you, Tidwell & Associates! You will always have my business for my estate needs!!!

Lisa C.